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By playing classic Solitaire online you can easily change between different types of games, and Klondike is of course the everlasting player favorite.

  • The rules below concern the easy and most frequently played version, dealing 1 card.

  • Some might say that shuffling and dealing cards are part of the charm of these old classics, but still, the majority of players prefer to do this simply by the click of a button.

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Free online Solitaire

Only kings or sequential groups that have a king at the top can be placed on empty columns.

  • Then you can also immediately get rid of the Jack and Queen high cards.

  • All 9 Solitaire games provide their own challenges, but playing them will give you a much-needed break from wrapping presents and decorating while stimulating your mind.

  • Tableau: There are 7 columns with already available cards; the first column contains 1 card, and in the next columns, the number of cards increases in column order.