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Wooden Hair Sticks, Hair Slides & Hair Forks

The two start discussing again the decision they must make to either stay with the people at the Takagi house or continue on their own.

  • It holds my hair perfectly and stops me getting headaches long hair girls you know this problem! Saya, Hagi, and the Red Shield are forced to depart quickly, without Saya getting the opportunity to bid farewell to Min who stands awestruck seeing Saya leave, covered in blood.

  • Just as Saya and the others realize the fight is hopeless, Saya's mother and some others from the Takagi house arrive wearing firefighter uniforms and blast all of "them" away.

  • Not to mention the smell is amazing! He ended up putting her cocoon in the tomb where his family was buried and could only wait until she woke up.


Saya's friends repeatedly work help her to understand that this fight is not for her to bear by herself, and that she is never alone, eventually succeeding.

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  • - N L Flag as inappropriate The secret ingredient in their karaage chicken is sleeping pills because I was out like a burned bulb after eating this.

  • Both call for their sword from an ally:• Rei worries about them, but Saya tells her there is no other choice and they will be fine since Saeko went along.

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